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Robotics Simulation Labs

Here you will find a set of tutorials to practice robotics concepts with Webots Open-Source Robot Simulator and Python.

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Motivation and Objectives

The simulation labs were created to replace the lab activities from my Robotics course due to the Corona-related restrictions of 2020/2021. This is an introductory level course on Robotics for engineering students, focusing on wheeled mobile robots. The main goal of the lab activities is to learn/improve knowledge of:

Templates and solutions are presented in Python 3.

How to use

The simulation labs are presented as a series of tutorials, including references to the official Webots tutorials. The Labs are intended to be followed in sequence, starting from the first one.

Lab descriptions, templates and solutions were updated to make them compatible with the new global coordinate system adopted as default by Webots R2022a (or newer). If you intend to use an older version of Webots, please see this note.


The content of each lab is listed below:


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.